28Stone Squads

Build better software in-house with the utmost in expertise and efficiency

Is your in-house software delivery team facing a few headwinds? Are you challenged to keep your technology projects on-time and on-budget while delivering outstanding, innovative software solutions that strengthen your business?

We are here for you!

Our 28Stone Squads are ready to help – NOW! Extend your in-house team with an expert, dedicated “squad” from 28Stone who will work closely with you as a key part of your delivery organization. You’ll have a cohesive, self-sufficient team staffed with cross-functional roles that work together at your direction.

We provide the expertise, collaboration and productivity you need – exactly when you need it – for your development project. Our clients enjoy our team’s additional experience, skills and business know-how – from strategic managers to developers and UI designers to QA engineers – all while reducing project risk and cost. Most of all, we are proud to ensure our clients are developing the most innovative solutions on the market.

Advance your in-house development with 28Stone Squads
Faster time-to-market
Increased productivity
Reduced project risk
Expertise without the overhead
Want to learn more about 28Stone Squads?

Want to learn more about 28Stone Squads?

Contact David Lustig on david.lustig@28stone.com or +1 908 907 1030 to find out how we can help.
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