Lithos CueAI

The market maker's Generative AI tool for pricing runs and market color

One of the most important things a market maker does on a daily basis is draft pricing runs for the securities they cover and craft market color for dissemination out to their trader clients. We envision our Lithos CueAI application as a virtual AI-enabled assistant to the market maker, constantly monitoring in real-time all data feeds and enabling the market maker to produce market color that is less time-consuming to create and is more precise and more comprehensive. Clients reward market makers who provide useful market color by doing more business with them, leading to increased revenue.

Download more information about Lithos CueAI

Read more in our two-pager which includes:

  1. An introduction to Lithos CueAI:
    • What it is - functions and what it accomplishes
  2. Advantages of Lithos CueAI:
    • Efficiency
    • Comprehensive and accurate data
    • Seamless integration
  3. Use Cases:
    • Automatically schedule market color messages to be generated throughout the trading day.
    • Enhance communications with trading customers.
    • Provide timely market color perspective for revenue opportunities.
Have questions or need help?

Have questions or need help?

Contact David Lustig on or +1 908 907 1030 to find out how we can help.
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