Cloud9 Technologies

Cloud9 Technologies is the leading voice communication and analytics platform designed for the unique needs of the financial markets.

Cloud9 Technologies

Cloud9 has unshackled traders from their office desks allowing trading to occur anywhere traders may be situated – home, office or on the road. Regardless, the burdens imposed by regulatory regimes for voice trading operations are obligations that firms must satisfy.

As a proud integration partner of Cloud9, 28Stone Consulting is continuously looking to develop applications and utilities that enhance the Cloud9 platform and enable firms to maximize the benefits of using Cloud9.

Regulatory regimes such as Dodd-Frank, CFTC and SEC mandate that all voice trading activity must be maintained, archived and remain easily accessible. Firms seeking to keep local, on premise copies of the call data to meet these obligations use 28Stone Safe Sync – an RPA utility that automates the process of downloading call data from Cloud9’s cloud data store to local storage using intelligent synchronization technology.

Keep your Cloud9 call data on-prem to meet voice trading regulatory obligations.
Keep your Cloud9 call data on-prem to meet voice trading regulatory obligations.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Automated downloads of Cloud9 call data including metadata, voice recordings and transcriptions to local storage
  • Hands free operation - set a schedule and let the product do the rest
  • Secure, whitelisted, key based access to call data
  • Cross-platform operation – Windows or Linux
  • Intelligent downloading - ensures all call data is downloaded
  • Email summaries of download activity
  • Storage locations of each type of call data are configurable
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Enables full regulatory compliance of voice based trading
  • Simple install and maintenance
  • Reliable and self-healing, automated recovery of failed or missed call data
  • Secure, runs within the firewall and only makes whitelisted IP connections to Cloud9
  • Complete scheduling flexibility, ability to run periodically through the day
  • Significant development and maintenance savings
  • Eliminates manual and custom scripts to download call data and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Backed by 28Stone Consulting


Simple, cost-effective, monthly pricing to suit the needs of your organization
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1 - 49 users
$100 monthly
User Icon User Icon
50 - 99 users
$200 monthly
User Icon User Icon User Icon
100 - 149 users
$300 monthly
More than 150 users? Contact us for volume pricing
Don’t need a subscription? A one-time license for downloading call data starts at $2500
28Stone's partnership with Cloud9 enables the trading community to more efficiently and effectively customize Cloud9's cloud-based, voice trading solutions. If your firm is looking to do more with Cloud9, contact the experts at 28Stone.
Have questions or need help?

Have questions or need help?

Contact David Lustig on or +1 908 907 1030 to find out how we can help.
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