COVID-19 Update

New York,
COVID-19 Update

Just a quick note on how we at 28Stone Consulting are addressing the challenges presented by COVID-19… in line with our corporate pandemic BCP, we’ve implemented a firm wide, work from home policy through the end of August. Unless absolutely critical, all 28Stone employees are urged to work from home to minimize personal contact. All international client site travel has been postponed and all conference attendance suspended.

At this point, 28Stone foresees no disruption to our service delivery. Our management teams will continue to work closely with project leads and client stakeholders to monitor the situation over the coming weeks.

As part of shaping our BCP, 28Stone has invested extensively in remote working tools and processes over the last few years. As this unprecedented challenge to on site staffing continues to evolve, 28Stone remains committed to providing any additional services possible to help minimize the effect on our clients.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact

Thanks so much,
The 28Stone management team

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