Human Touch & The Advancement of Tech: Creating a Compelling Union

By Thomas Dolan (Co-Founder, 28Stone)

Technology and software continue to advance at a rapid pace, constantly reaching new peaks of capabilities and enabling us to achieve things we never thought possible. With much of the current focus in tech on artificial intelligence (AI) and what it can do, we may have overlooked what new innovations can lack: human touch. This is something all companies need, despite trends that may say otherwise. By coupling the capabilities of new tech with the creative touch of the human mind, we open a new set of possibilities that can launch us into a more collaborative future.

New Innovations and New Challenges

While new innovations come to the forefront, looking to solve several problems or just make life a little easier, it raises the question if human influence is needed beyond the development phase. Recent advancements, including the various uses of artificial intelligence, have only amplified the conversation. 

These innovations cover a wide variety of industries, each offering something unique. We cannot deny the ease new technology provides with data, organization, and coding, among many other things. Numerous programs have the ability to gather information from all corners of the enterprise and beyond, including the internet, and compile a report in just minutes, if not seconds. It could take a human some painstaking hours to do the same task. This higher level of productivity can boost performance, efficiency, and eventually profits – and ensure people are spending time on more valuable needs or even new innovations for their firms vs. on repetitive or time-consuming tasks and processes. 

While these ideas are noteworthy, it’s important to remember that nothing is perfect. Human capabilities like common sense and intuition are traits that software isn’t able to possess. Occasionally, data requires reading between the lines and grasping larger context and relevance rather than focusing on the clear cut numbers. Humans can provide a more holistic viewpoint and apply the data to the most useful areas of the business. This idea reflects in many other aspects of a business as well. 

So we come to the question: which is more effective, humans or technology? What if we told you the answer is actually both?

The Unparalleled Knack for Humanness

When new tech developments come into the spotlight, companies want to stay ahead of the innovation train. This can also lead to eliminating employees in favor of the promises of the latest software. While new programs can help streamline work, it can’t offer the same experience humans bring to the table. Humans can consider all the needs a business has and provide guidance on what to invest in. This could mean implementing creative solutions that are unique to a business and how it can solve a strategic challenge or best pursue a new endeavor. 

So, who does collaboration and individual assessment best? Humans. We possess the uncanny ability to use our intuition and gut-feelings, which have turned out to be extremely valuable throughout our personal and work lives. These abilities also come into play when interpreting dark data. While many businesses have digitized much of their operations, this remains a part of decision-making that relies on human analysis and the ability to distinguish good from bad. 

Having a strong group of people who are excited about what they do can encourage a productive approach to software development. Through collaborative efforts, the team can assure all investments are benefiting the company to the fullest potential while performing at an optimum level. Humans have built the technology we stand on so what better way to enhance its use than to properly team humans and technology together as one. 

Once we fully recognize the advantages that present themselves when we utilize humans and technology as a cohesive team, the more we, in business and as a society, could benefit from it. Businesses wish to reach better outcomes and higher profits, but the road may not be as straightforward as solely investing in new technology. This journey is one that we should be excited to go down. A journey where multiple paths meet and we get the best of each solution and capability.

The human touch in technology remains invaluable because, despite efforts, it is difficult to accurately imitate. The advantages that people bring to software development are distinct; this is what has built technology as we know it today. Finding proper solutions, hitting targets, and increasing the chances of success amplify when the best of the two worlds are coupled together in a harmonious union. 

Imagine how much more successful so many applications in life and business can be if humans are helping technology solutions and AI to more precisely target our needs. Embracing the new is good but we shouldn’t disregard the brilliant human minds that have gotten us this far and will undoubtedly take us farther.

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