Expanding the Ecosystem: EDA Summit 2023 Recap

Each year, the EDA Summit brings together developers, IT professionals, and technologists to discuss the advancement of event-driven architecture (EDA). The 2023 Summit was no different as it hosted over 60 sessions with professionals bringing varied expertise. These speakers shared numerous insights into building a fast and scalable platform to promote optimized architecture. 

Themes of the Year

While many ideas were touched on over the course of the Summit, some really highlighted the advancements we continue to make in EDA-based systems, creating more excitement around the future of event-driven architecture.

1. Transform and Transition
During the Summit, the idea of transforming legacy systems into something more nimble and modern was at the forefront of several sessions. Among all industries, whether it be healthcare, retail, or financial services, clients have grown to expect that services and functionality are instantaneous and real-time in nature, with minimal to no perceivable lag time. Several sessions touched on event-driven systems with real-world examples of experiences and best practices of transitioning to EDA.

2. Event as a Product
With the growing popularization of AsyncAPI, CloudEvents and OpenTelemetry, we’re seeing a clear and standardized way to catalog streams and allow self-service options for consumers. EDA has historically lacked a unified way to discover, version, document and democratize events streams, so with this, the event can become a product that is easier for the consumer to access and can be used to assemble applications.

3. Visibility and Observability
As event-driven architecture grows and reaches new audiences, the idea of visibility has become increasingly prominent. From graphical tooling to pictorially depict the event mesh, dashboards that capture KPIs of the messaging system, and distributed tracing of event streams, these features play a key role in monitoring the health of an enterprise EDA deployment. Being able to quickly see an event, inspect the system and manage overall health are crucial to preventing outages and optimizing the performance of EDA.

The Future of EDA

It’s an exciting time as we watch advancements and innovations drive the enhancement and wider use of EDA-based systems. The EDA Summit helps us see the future opportunities across the ecosystem, especially with numerous experts coming together to share their experiences, approaches, and systems. Discussions like this will not only help us all to improve our software, but also reach new audiences and use cases that will expand the application of EDA. As these changes make their mark, we’re seeing advances from transitioning to EDA, to standardizing, visualizing and democratizing event streams, to monitoring and managing them. What an exciting time it is!

Did you miss Apu Shah’s presentation on the “Principles and Guidelines of Electronic Trading Systems Architecture” at the virtual EDA Summit? Take a sneak peak below or view the full session by visiting the EDA Summit website now!

Clip 1 – “Principles are not one size fits all…"
Clip 2 – “The reference architecture is cloud ready…"
Clip 3 – “Principles are simply guidelines…"
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