The Power of the Human Touch: An Interview with Harrington Starr

In a world crowded with conversations surrounding AI, we find it vital to keep humans at the center of technology. Our co-founder, Tom Dolan, speaks with Toby Babb of Harrington Starr as they discuss the importance of keeping that special human touch at the center of operations while making advantageous strides with the latest industry developments.

Touching on what makes 28Stone special, their conversation lifts the curtain to provide a closer look at how our deviation from traditional consulting structures provides a unique edge, a creative undercurrent and a distinct vision for how we’re shaping technology.

From current trends to sculpting the future landscape, Tom and Toby team up to explore what is fueling innovations, how it impacts fintech and what we can expect to see in the coming years.

Join the conversation and check out the full interview on FinTech Focus TV here.

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